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1 Jan 2010

Aboriginal groups across Canada are looking for new ways to improve the living conditions of their people. Coast Tsimshian Resources LP is a forest company that is collectively owned by the Lax Kw'alaams band, a traditional fishing community in northern British Columbia. This research investigates...

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1 Jan 2009

Disasters are deadly and destructive events, particularly in developing countries, where there is an immediate need to improve natural disaster management capacity, especially at the local level where hazard vulnerability can most effectively be reduced. Since disasters and vulnerability vary spatially, all phases of the...

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1 Jan 2008

Neoliberalism and globalization have contributed to an environment of economic uncertainty in rural Canada, raising concern for the social well-being of its residents. Despite immense challenges, many rural communities possess positive elements of social cohesion that can be used by the community in the pursuit...

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1 Jan 2008

Drawing upon the wealth of literature previously written about the Masan Free Export Zone (MAFEZ), this thesis will disentangle the conflicting information and hypotheses about the some of the zone's 'welfare benefits.' That is, the thesis will examine production linkages and technology spillover from the...

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