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1 Jan 2009

In a matter of just a few decades, the economic landscape of rural America has changed in fundamental ways. Industries onceconsidered the backbone of rural economies have been transformed by globalization and marketing. Others, such as tourism and amenity-based economies or the service sector, have...

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1 Jan 2009

Increasing uncertainty in the world economy has created challenges for regions to pursue development strategies to achieve economic growth. Globalization, increased marketing integration, and the advent of new technologies led to approaches from traditional industrial recruiting to less traditional approaches. Among these latter approaches is...

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1 Jan 2006

With population growth and expansion of economic activities, urbanized places have expanded; and with growing per capita income, residential location preferences have shifted towards suburban and rural locations. In many places, such new growth has been accommodated with the development of agricultural lands. The concern...

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1 Jan 2004

The impact of transportation infrastructure on regional employment can be reflected through changes in the accessibility of the region affected. A certain region may benefit from the positive externalities associated with a public works project even though the facilities are located in another region. The...

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