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7 Nov 2011

In this major new report launched on 4 November, scholars from the Lowy Institute, the Heritage Foundation and the Observer Research Foundation identify common challenges and opportunities facing Australia, India and the United States in the Indo-Pacific region. The report notes that Australia-India security relations...


29 Aug 2011

A review of Australia's overseas diplomatic network and a comparison with the foreign services of other developed nations.

Three years ago, the Lowy Institute brought together a panel of eminent Australians to review the instruments with which Australia seeks to engage the wider world...


29 Aug 2011

Taking Australian public attitudes into perspective, this paper focuses on the current and future challenges facing the Australia-US alliance, with a focus on China's rise.

September 2011 marks two important milestones - the tenth anniversary of the devastating 9/11 terrorist attacks and the 60th...


19 Aug 2010

Foreign policy has hardly featured in the 2010 election campaign. That's a shame. Australia faces an increasingly uncertain international environment. One of the most pressing challenges facing the next government will be putting in place a durable policy framework to guide Australia's increasingly complex relationship...


4 Dec 2009

On 2 December, Deputy Director Martine Letts and members of the Lowy Institute research team wound up this year’s Wednesday Lunch at Lowy Club series with a review of politics, economics and other international events in 2009, and what these have meant for Australia. Director...

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