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17 Oct 2012

This report explores the transitions students make in undertaking a second qualification (i.e. whether they change field of education and/or move between the VET and higher education sectors). It also looks at the reasons why they decide to undertake another qualification. A combination of data...


17 Jan 2012

Mixed-sector tertiary education institutions are still only small in number and remain relatively under-researched. This project examines universities that offer a small amount of VET and private providers that offer both VET and higher education, building on previous research examining TAFEs that offer higher education....

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28 Sep 2009

Technical and further education (TAFE) institutes offering higher education degrees is a relatively new development but is expected to grow as a consequence of government policies aimed at increasing the percentage of Australians holding a bachelor degree.

This project considers the provision and different...

Discussion paper

21 May 2009

Growth in mixed-sector institutions offering both vocational and higher education qualifications is expected to increase given recent and predicted policy changes.

This issues paper focuses on the provision and management of higher education in TAFE institutes. Issues raised for discussion include the governance of...

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