The Western Australian economy continues to be the strongest in Australia. Significant opportunities are available for Western Australia to prosper from growth through its diversified economy, mainly driven by its mineral resources and agricultural commodities. There is also potential to further develop these and other industries.

To maximise Western Australia's strategic advantage in prospering from these opportunities requires the State Government to be committed to building strong and resilient regional communities and for there to be greater coordination, alignment and integration.

To achieve this outcome the Directors General of the Departments of Local Government and Communities, planning and regional development are working together to maximise the benefits of their departments' and other agencies activities and services.

The aim of having a closer working relationship is to provide better planning for regional investment and local government service delivery to support robust regional communities with a future. This is enhanced through better delivery of planning and funding including Royalties for Regions and other funding sources that deliver more effective infrastructure and services.

The closer working relationship of the three departments also supports the Ministers responsible for Local Government and Community Services, Planning and Regional Development. This will fulfill the State Government's goals to provide effective regional policy, planning, development and service delivery coordination to maintain and expand the State's strong economic position.

The following State Planning and Development Framework diagram outlines the state's planning and regional development initiatives work together with the ultimate aim of providing state and local governments with the capacity to make better decisions faster.

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