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9 Oct 2012

Derived from livelihoods surveys and ethnographic material about people living on the chars, or river islands, in deltaic lower Bengal, this paper illustrates the complex, diverse and ingenious ways that the poor manage money. These islands constitute some of the most vulnerable locations housing some...


19 May 2011

The chapters in this book offer concrete examples from all over the world to show how community livelihoods in mineral-rich tracts can be more sustainable by fully integrating gender concerns into all aspects of the relationship between mining practices and mine affected communities. By looking...


1 Jun 2009

This workshop presentation on the use of water diaries as a robust method to examine the ‘black box’ of intra-household water use provides insights into demand managment strategies as well as the gender divisions of household labour.

Kate Harriden and Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt have recently...

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