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Australia's changing economic geography: a society dividing

1 Jan 2001

"... Geography plays a crucial role in the operation of economic and social processes, a dimension ignored in much current Australian public policy development and program implementation. The fundamental rearrangement of spatial patterns of activity presents major challenge for the people, businesses, and politicians of Australia's cities and region. What we have is a society dividing on many dimensions, with some people and some places as winners while others are losing." - preface

This volume describes and analyses aspects of economic development in Australia and its effect on the nation's cities and regions. It tells the story of changes that have occurred in the economic geography of the nation in the context of globalization and the processes of economic restructuring and population change that have been occurring over the decade 1986 to 1996. Some of the topics discussed include the arrival of new technologies, structural adjustment, deregulation, population shifts, and the variations of households. The authors show how the nation's economic geography is being shaped by a range of processes that are leading to the uneven distribution of both people and jobs.

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South Melbourne, Vic
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