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Working paper

TTPI Working Paper 2/2017
1 Jun 2017

This paper presents the findings of two RCTs that were conducted in collaboration with the ATO.

Working paper

8 Dec 2013

Abstract: This paper analyzes the relationship between individuals’ locus of control and their savings behavior, i.e. wealth accumulation, savings rates, and portfolio choices. Locus of control is a psychological concept that captures individuals’ beliefs about the controllability of life events and is a key...


19 Mar 2013

The National Broadband Network will potentially provide the opportunity for all Australians to access the same level of information and online services regardless of their location, age and level of mobility. But this opportunity can only be grasped by those who have the technical skills...


28 Oct 2010

With life expectancy increasing, and changes to public policy aimed at encouraging older workers to stay in the workforce, the conditions under which people decide to retire have changed in recent years.

This report describes the characteristics of those who continue to work beyond...


13 Nov 2009

The relationship between job requirements, individual skills and the participation of workers in further education and training, with an emphasis on older workers, is the focus of this report.

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