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Briefing paper

1 Jun 2010

‘Cabinet’, a key institution of the Westminster tradition of parliamentary practice, refers to a meeting of senior Ministers summoned by the Prime Minister. Cabinet also refers to a process of gaining policy coherence and political support at the apex of executive government. Yet Cabinet and...

Briefing paper

17 May 2010

This background note provides a general overview of: the double dissolution process, including some unsettled issues; 'triggers’ for double dissolutions and legislation in the 42nd Parliament that could potentially constitute a trigger for a double dissolution election; double dissolutions and elections; the possible composition of...


19 Nov 2009

The rules on the admittance of visitors or ‘strangers’ within the parliamentary chambers have a long history in the Westminster tradition of parliamentary practice. Over the past 30 years there has been a dramatic increase in the representation of women in Parliament and some of...


2 Jun 2009

This research paper analyses the 2009 Queensland state election and argues that the result demonstrates that despite running a budget deficit resulting from a large spending program, a Labor government can still be re-elected.

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