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Central Victoria solar city annual report 2010-11

Housing Victoria
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In the 2010/11 Financial Year, Central Victoria Solar City (CVSC) engaged over 2,000 households in our region in energy saving activities. We delivered 1780 Home Energy Assessments, engaged 810 participants in a retrofit package, 528 participants in residential solar PV and 242 participants in solar hot water. This financial year, Central Victoria Solar City presented information on energy saving opportunities to more than 60 community groups.

We partnered with 14 local governments to install energy use displays in community buildings, assisting members of our community to take control of their energy use. We involved 20 local small businesses in a trial to design energy efficiency programs that best met their needs. Our team grew to employ 23 local people, contributing to economic growth within our region. Our revised Home Energy Assessment process hit the mark, with CVSC selling out of places in some of the sub-trials within three months of launching the offer.

Our first annual report tells the story of how we engaged participants in the research trial, the lessons we've learnt about what drives people to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy products and services, and an overview of the lessons learnt through the development of our Solar Parks in Bendigo and Ballarat. Later reports will highlight the findings from the research program itself.

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