Coastal management in Australia: Key institutional and governance issues for coastal natural resource management and planning

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This monograph is intended to provide a synthesis of the key challenges and issues for
coastal planning and management in Australia. It is a joint publication between the
Cooperative Research Centre for Coastal Zone, Estuary and Waterway Management
(the Coastal CRC), the Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies at the
Australian National University and the National Sea Change Taskforce. The focus is on
institutional arrangements for coastal management.
Participating authors were asked to provide an overview of key issues surrounding a
particular aspect of institutional arrangements for coastal management rather than a
comprehensive review and analysis of coastal planning and management and were
asked to frame their essays along the following themes.
" How much do we know about pressure on existing institutions?
" What can we learn from existing institutions?
" What are the outstanding challenges?
This monograph has been developed to be used in a number of ways:
" To inform delegates attending the National Sea Change Taskforce conference in
April 2006, specifically in the Governance theme discussions
" To guide discussion on the development of terms of reference for a potential
national-scale review of institutional arrangements for coastal management in
" To inform delegates attending Coast to Coast 2006, Australia's national coastal
conference, in Melbourne in May 2006
" As a resource guide for coastal management professionals in Australia and

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