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1 Jan 2013

An ongoing crisis in Australian agriculture resulting from climate crises including drought, decreasing irrigation water, more recent catastrophic flooding, and an uncertain policy environment is reshaping gender relations in the intimate sphere of the farm family. Drawing on research conducted in the Murray-Darling Basin area...

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1 Jan 2008

This paper examines the provision of distance education to young people studying from their isolated properties in remote areas of Australia. While Australia's innovative approach to remote education is well established, this paper challenges the gender and structural assumptions underpinning this approach. A sustained period...


1 Jan 2006

This report examines how drought affects educational access and provision in rural and remote areas, drawing upon interviews with affected communities. The report considers the effects on primary school students, secondary students, tertiary students, and Indigenous students, and the use of allowances, home tutoring, township...

Journal article

1 Jan 2004

This paper draws on original research conducted in 2003 with drought affected people and communities in inland NSW The paper outlines the scale of the drought, its social impacts and the resultant need for services. Income support mechanisms aimed at drought affected people and communities...


1 Jan 2004

Although the economic consequences of drought are often discussed, little is known of its social impact on people in rural communities and resulting welfare implications. A 2003 study examined the effects of severe drought on three contrasting rural communities in New South Wales: the remote...

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