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Discussion paper

Review of the ABC's self-regulation framework

Media regulation Self-regulation Broadcasting Australia
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This discussion paper is part of a review of the broadcaster's self regulation framework, including the setting of editorial standards. The review will examine the processes through which the ABC:

  • Sets standards for itself in its Editorial Policies and the Code of Practice derived from them;
  • Trains staff and relevant independent service providers about the standards and the interpretation and enforcement of the standards;
  • Deals with audience responses (other than complaints) that have a bearing on the standards;
  • Handles complaints alleging breach of standards (including the handling of appeals);
  • Provides just and practical remedies/penalties for breach;
  • Records, circulates and publishes data about audience responses and complaints;
  • Feeds the results of audience responses and complaints back into standards-setting, training and day-to-day content-making with the aim of continuous improvement.
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