Evaluation report: The 2nd Sustainable Mental Health - Sustainable Communities, Rural and Remote Mental Health Conference

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The focus of the conference for 2012 built on the inaugural conference held in Port Lincoln in 2011 which recommended maintaining a regional stance, ensuring a specific theme and focusing on local mental health issues, whilst encouraging grassroots participation and the inclusion of community representatives.

In 2012 we decided to focus on the topic of Young Peoples' Mental Health in rural communities - an area which has come to the fore more and more over recent years thanks in part to an increasing amount of research in the field as well as greater government investment.

The Youth Talk's Sustainable Mental Health - Sustainable Communities conference was a two day event held in Whyalla which brought together 105 participants from many different rural communities for what has been described as 'an exciting, invigorating rural showcase event covering a diverse range of topics.

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