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Gari and You: Development of an Interactive Alcohol Education Flipchart for a Remote Indigenous Community

Community participation Health Aboriginal Australians Torres Strait Islanders Australia Western Australia

The 'Gari and You' interactive flipchart was developed to guide allied health workers who were counselling patients in a remote Indigenous community about alcohol abuse. 'Gari' is a widely-used word for the term alcohol in the West Pilbara region, Western Australia. Community leaders and others contributed to the design, content and artwork of the flipchart, a component of a larger health promotion project to reduce alcohol consumption. The interactive flipchart prompts self-reflective responses from a patient in a counselling encounter through the true story of a local man known to have successfully changed his lifestyle of alcohol abuse. As a means of strengthening support from personal networks, a brochure helps the client to nominate people to help the client achieve a goal of a gari-free day.

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