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Annual Report

1 Jan 2013

Annual report of the RDA Limestone Coast. Update on the Regional Roadmap plan on economic development, infrastructure, population growth, skills, leadership development, tourism, lifestyle, promotion, and community wellbeing. Update of key performance indicators for state and local government target outcomes. Overview of strategiec actions and...


1 Jan 2012

The Limestone Coast Economic Diversification Engagement Process is being undertaken across the Limestone Coast. The purpose of this engagement is to enable the community to provide input into the proess of working through the South Australian state government strategic priorities, specificially Premium food and wine...


1 Jan 2011

The RDA Committee, in partnership with the RDA Limestone Coast in South Australia, and other regional stakeholders, has completed the Green Triangle Plantation Timber 2011 and Beyond project. The report provides clear evidence and advice on the current forestry activity in the Green Triangle region,...


1 Jan 2009

This report details the existing workforce of the Limestone coast region, outlines workforce development needs within the Limestone Coast region for key industries within the next five years, identifies potential new industries and their workforce needs, outlines promotion and population increase strategies to encourage people...

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