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25 Sep 2014

Abstract: This paper investigates sentiment in the online conversation about the Ukrainian Euromaidan protests across a range of English- and Russian-language social and traditional media sources. Results from this exploratory research show more support for the Euromaidan protests in Russian-language sources, including among sources...


2 Mar 2012

This paper summarizes the major findings of a three-year research project to investigate the Internet’s impact on Russian politics, media and society.

We employed multiple methods to study online activity: the mapping and study of the structure, communities and content of the blogosphere; an...


2 Nov 2010

This paper analyses Russian blogs to discover networks of discussion around politics and public affairs.

With funding from the MacArthur Foundation, the Berkman Center is undertaking a two-year research project to investigate the role of the Internet in Russian society. The study will include...


25 Jun 2009

This report uses a unique methodology that blends link analysis, term frequency analysis, and human coding of individual blogs to investigate the online discussions taking place across the Middle East and North Africa.

Internet & Democracy project director Bruce Etling and his team, with...


8 Apr 2008

This case study is part of a series produced by the Internet and Democracy project. The initial studies include three of the most frequently cited examples of the Internet?s influence on democracy. The first case looks at the user-generated news site, OhmyNews , and its...

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