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2 May 2011

As it exists today, the Internet can enable a range of human rights, including freedom of expression, association, education, and development, absent interference by a third party.

Where it comes to freedom of expression, the Internet empowers individuals to seek, receive, and...


2 Jul 2009

The Internet is an ideal medium for citizen engagement in government, and US Federal agency web sites will have a key role to play in making government more transparent, accountable and participatory. To succeed, the operation and improvement of Federal agency web sites must be...


2 Jul 2009

For the chief technology officer or chief risk officer of today's organization, perhaps no issue presents more complexity -- or more headaches -- than the necessity to protect corporate and personal information in an environment where employees travel widely or routinely work at home...


20 Mar 2009

This article argues that a vast domestic intelligence system growing in the US without adequate civil liberties protections and that abuses have already occurred due to the magnified risks to privacy of nationwide information sharing networks. The paper calls for closer oversight, more detailed and...


3 Dec 2008

Telecommuting, a practice increasingly favored by employers and workers alike, has a great deal to recommend it, but it also raises serious new privacy and security threats that must be addressed in order to prevent this generally beneficial practice from leading to serious privacy and...

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