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24 Sep 2018

This publication provides librarians, archivists, curators, and others who work to preserve software, with a tool to guide their reasoning about when and how to employ fair use—the legal doctrine that allows many value-added uses of copyrighted materials—in the most common situations they currently face....


9 Feb 2018

This report finds that individuals and institutions need clear guidance on the legality of archiving legacy software to ensure continued access to digital files of all kinds and to illuminate the history of technology.


1 Feb 2014

The visual arts communities of practice share a common problem in their confusion about and misunderstanding of the nature of copyright law and the availability of fair use. Their work is constrained and censored, most powerfully by themselves, because of that confusion and the resulting...


7 Jan 2008

When college kids make mashups of Hollywood movies, are they violating the law? Not necessarily, according to this study on copyright and creativity. The study shows that many uses of copyrighted material in today?s online videos are eligible for fair use consideration. The study points...

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