Out and about in Penrith. Universal design and cultural context: accessibility, diversity and recreational space in Penrith

Design Multiculturalism Cities and towns Public spaces Australia Penrith

Universal Design principles aim to overcome the marginalization of people with diverse abilities by designing facilities and spaces physically accessible to all. But what can be done to ensure cultural inclusiveness? This research partnership between Penrith City Council and the University of Western Sydney investigated cultural barriers to public space use experienced by diverse residents of Penrith, and explored stakeholders' interests in design and planning for a range of users. The findings and recommendations aim to directly inform Council's open space planning, with the goal of enhancing community well-being by ensuring more residents and visitors enjoy these local facilities.

A UWS Research Partnership Grant Project Centre for Cultural Research, UWS with Penrith City Council by Zoe Sofoulis, Helen Armstrong, Michael Bounds, Abby Lopes and Tara Andrews


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