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A lecture by one of Australia's most influential economists, Max Corden, titled 'Forty million Aussies? The immigration debate revisited', once again brought the population debate to the fore. Corden considered whether it would be in Australia's national interests to double its population in the next 50 years. His arguments focused on the overall net benefits of a much larger population, on the grounds that the larger the population the larger the work force and gross domestic product (GDP). This would enhance Australia's defence spending capabilities and its influence in international economic and trade forums. On balance, Corden recognised that there is little chance of Australia's population reaching 40 million. Corden briefly addressed immigration related issues, indicating his support for the skilled immigration policy although he considers its focus too narrow. He also raised concerns about repeating history and wasting scarce resources on enticing immigrants to settle in regional areas.

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Canberra, ACT