Innovation in irrigation: twelve case studies from across Australia

Farming Water Australia

Twelve case studies demonstrate how the irrigation industry is rising to the challenges of sustainable use of water resources. The case studies are of water use planning on a cotton farm in Moree NSW, subsurface irrigation on a tomato farm in Rochester Vic, salt interception to reduce salt flows into the River Murray from a citrus orchard in Berri SA, water quality control in a sugarcane farm at Kununurra WA, water recycling on a rice farm at Griffith NSW, pivot irrigation of dairy pastures in the Harvey Irrigation Area WA, water efficient irrigation of a golf course in Perth WA, soil moisture monitoring on a stone fruit orchard at Shepparton Vic, water efficient irrigation on a vineyard at Loxton SA, hydroponic tomato growing at Rossmore NSW, centre pivot irrigation of vegetables in the Burdekin River Irrigation Area Qld, and state of the art irrigation on a dairy farm at Numurkah Vic.

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