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The announcement of the Review of the Australian Innovation System in February 2008 presents those working in the Arts with a timely opportunity to seek an alignment between our Arts and Cultural policies and our Research and Innovation policies. But what might this involve and how may it be done? One way forward is to spend a moment looking backwards, to analyse and understand the initiatives and opportunities which have arisen and slipped by since 1994 when Creative Nation declared 'This cultural policy is also an economic policy. Culture creates wealth. ... It is a valuable export in itself and an essential accompaniment to the export of other commodities?. It is essential to our economic success.'

The extracts listed below are taken from seventeen policy documents, reports, reviews and submissions to government from the period 1994-2008 and indicate how thinking about Arts and Cultural policies and Research and Innovation policies have been allowed to grow together (a little) and apart (a lot).

It is hoped this review will provide a valuable platform from which those in the Arts can rigorously address three crucial questions for the future:

1. How do we situate artists and the arts within an innovation policy context?
2. How do we gather evidence which demonstrates the link between the work of artists and innovation, both within the arts and beyond it generally?
3. What are the mechanisms by which the output of artists impact on other parts of the economy?

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