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28 Jun 2009

British universities have world-class reputations and they are vital to the country’s social and economic future, yet they are under siege. This report argues that this can be a moment of rebirth.

The huge public investment that sustained much of the sector is in...


12 Nov 2008

Humans are social animals, spinning intricate webs of relationships with friends, colleagues, neighbours and enemies. These networks have always been with us, but the advance of networking technologies, changes to our interconnected economy and an altering job market have super-charged the power of networking, catapulting...


21 Oct 2008

Cheap digital technology and broadband access have broken the moving-image monopoly held by production companies and broadcasters. In its place a new theatre of public information has emerged.

It is a messy, alternative realm of video creation and exchange that extends across the...


12 Dec 2007

This report is intended to push the debate on personal information beyond the legal and technical language associated with data protection and identity management. The debate must move towards something that people ? through day-to-day experiences in their own lives ? have a stake in....


30 Nov 2007

Until now, action to improve the lives of children and young people has tended to focus on the institutional spheres of home and school. Yet quality of life also depends on the access to and quality of shared resources such as streets, parks, town centres...

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