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15 Mar 2018

This paper is intended to serve as a prompt for Arts Council England’s consultation activity over the forthcoming months, with the intent of provoking a conversation with arts and cultural organisations about the changing context for their work.


21 Oct 2008

Cheap digital technology and broadband access have broken the moving-image monopoly held by production companies and broadcasters. In its place a new theatre of public information has emerged.

It is a messy, alternative realm of video creation and exchange that extends across the...


30 Nov 2007

Until now, action to improve the lives of children and young people has tended to focus on the institutional spheres of home and school. Yet quality of life also depends on the access to and quality of shared resources such as streets, parks, town centres...

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2 Feb 2007

The authors talking about their forthcoming report Their Space: Education for a Digital Generation. The project, funded by the National College for School Leadership, explores the skills that young people are learning through their use of new technologies and makes suggestions for how schools and...

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