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21 Oct 2008

Cheap digital technology and broadband access have broken the moving-image monopoly held by production companies and broadcasters. In its place a new theatre of public information has emerged.

It is a messy, alternative realm of video creation and exchange that extends across the...


14 Sep 2007

The creative and cultural industries are perhaps the most visible and potent emblem of the way the post-industrial age is transforming Britain?s economy. The rise of a global division of labour has meant that, for the first time, significant numbers of people are able to...


28 Jun 2007

The creative industries are a new way of doing business but the policy interventions to support them proceed to work in old, industrial ways. The task for policy is no longer simply to try to pre-empt the information and knowledge that the creative industries need,...


24 May 2007

This book documents the story of Glasgow 2020 - an 18 month project to imagine the future of Glasgow through the creativity and imagination of its people - drawing out key lessons for cities around the world, and bringing together a collection of eleven short...

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