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23 Apr 2010

Organisations need to be efficient and innovative but, in today’s social and economic conditions, they also need to be able to respond creatively to external challenges while staying true to their core purpose. This report looks at one organisation's journey towards achieving this....

Journal article

26 Dec 2009

Culture should no longer be thought of as a set of binary oppositions between elite/popular, refined/debased, individual/mass, high/low. Instead, we need to conceive of culture in three highly interrelated spheres: publicly funded, commercial, and home-made, each with its own definition, gatekeepers and critical discourse....


20 Jan 2009

What parts of our culture do we value and want to protect? This pamphlet explores the future of heritage conservation, and why to survive it must involve everyone.

The choice of what things to conserve and how to conserve them simultaneously reflects and...

Working paper

7 Mar 2008

In the context of recent government announcements about cultural education, Demos has issued a challenge to cultural professionals and educationalists to provide a new and coherent direction for creative learning and for encouraging creativity through culture.

Cultural organisations, the education sector and the...


9 Oct 2007

Ever since the UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport's Creative Industries Taskforce formulated the concept of the creative industries in 1998, creativity in general, and the industries in particular, have generated significant interest in academia, business, the media and in policymaking. This paper explores...

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