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Linking Ecosystem Services to Well-being: A Case Study of Aboriginal Communities in Northern Australia

Natural resources Aboriginal Australians Torres Strait Islanders Australia Northern Australia

This study investigated the role of ecosystem services in the well-being of Aboriginal Australians, in the tropical savanna region of northern Australia. There is significant literature available to suggest that Aboriginal communities depend upon the natural system (Williams 1986 and 1998; Altman 1987 and 2004; Edwards 1988; Gray 2005). However, there are few reports that link the goods and services available from various ecosystems to the well-being of Aboriginal communities. Moreover, worldwide, the linkages between natural systems and well-being of indigenous peoples generally are poorly understood (MEA 2003). It is important to note that such linkages are complex, diverse, and may vary according to spatial and temporal scales. However, research for understanding these connections can help to develop land-use policies that aim to achieve the sustainable use of resources while assessing the non-monetary values of natural landscapes.

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