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This paper explores aged migration in Western Australia between 1991 and 1996, focusing on net movement outcomes. Migration is considered in three age cohorts: 'pre"retirees' aged 55 to 64; the 'young old' aged 65 to 74; and the 'old old' aged 75 and over. Senior Western Australians aged between 55 and 74 are, in significant net terms, leaving the established inner and middle suburbs of Perth. This net outward movement is focused on outer coastal suburbs both to the north and south of the city, on peri"urban areas to the east of the city, and on the coastal strip running from Mandurah to Margaret River. Though much smaller in volume, the net migration of the 'old old' is in the opposite direction: towards the city centre or larger regional towns. As the general woe of rural Australia suggests, the net movement of younger Western Australians (aged 5 to 54) also very strongly favours the city.

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