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Myth busting rural labour shortages. A market segmentation approach reveals new recruitment opportunities

Labour Communities Australia

This study examines two regional meat processing plants (MPPs) whose recruitment strategies have failed to meet staffing needs. Using regional population and workforce survey data, this study applies attribute trade-off analysis to segment the regional labour market and two participating MPP workforces on the basis of individuals' job attribute preferences. The analysis finds that, although both MPPs attract employees with a preference for family support attributes, only one MPP attracts employees equally likely to value family attributes as organisation/job attributes. The findings indicate that MPPs currently fail to fully utilise 33% of the regional workforce that would consider MPP jobs. Regional workers could be recruited separately from the segments of the regional labour market that favour family support attributes (30% of respondents), spouse support attributes (38% of respondents) and/or organisation/job attributes (32% of respondents).

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