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Protecting free expression, diversity and civic engagement in the global digital ecosystem
13 Nov 2018

The goal of this report, and those involved in its formation, is to enhance free expression, diversity and democracy at the same time as we protect human rights and encourage innovation. The contributions from the authors included in this report offer a starting point for...


19 Jan 2015

"Fostering Freedom Online: the Role of Internet Intermediaries” is the third title in the UNESCO Internet freedom series. With the rise of Internet intermediaries that play a mediating role on the internet between authors of content and audiences, UNESCO took a joint initiative, with the...

Discussion paper

29 Oct 2010

It is unwise to make assumptions about the liberating potential of the Internet in China or in other repressive regimes, argues this discussion paper.

In late January 2010, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – who two months before had stood at the Berlin Gate...


16 Feb 2009

This study explores an under-studied layer of Chinese Internet censorship: how Chinese Internet companies censor user?generated content, usually by deleting it or preventing its publication. Systematic testing of Chinese blog service providers reveals that domestic censorship is very decentralized with wide variation from company to...


2 Jul 2008

"Ever since June 3rd, visitors to, one of China's video sharing 'YouTube clones,' have been unable to access any other part of the site, other than this message below claiming that the site is undergoing 'maintenance' and a 'major upgrade:'...Due to the vast quantity...

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