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1 Oct 2018

How do we decide the value of art? And who is best equipped to do so?


21 Aug 2018

When did culture become a number? When did the books, paintings, poems, plays, songs, films, games, art installations, clothes, and all the myriad objects that fill our lives and which we consider cultural, become a matter of statistical measurement?


18 Mar 2014

Things to remember if you are a federal minister for the arts:

In arts policy, as in the arts, how you do things matters as much as what you do. Good ideas become bad ideas if your tone is wrong or you aim at...

Journal article

30 Apr 2013


This keynote paper focuses on the relationship between the idea of culture and the different ways it is talked about in the contemporary world. The media, the Academy, the creative professions and public policy all provide different discursive regimes in which key...


4 Mar 2009

This article reviews the past twenty years of Australian culture and argues that the arts need a more expansive engagement. "Like tiny terrorists, a slew of toxic memories from the last twenty years swarm through my mind when considering Australian culture in the abstract."

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