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On behalf of Regional Development Australia Wide Bay Burnett I am proud to announce the release of the Wide Bay Burnett Regional Roadmap Version 2.0.

Originally created in 2010, the Regional Roadmap was produced following six months of extensive consultatiom with community leaders and representatives across the Wide Bay Burnett and the review of over 90 regional plans and strategies. Through these ongoing consultations we have learned much about the pressing needs and opportunities for the region and in 2012 are proud to announce the update Regional Roadmap which identifies key priorities for the Wide Bay Burnett:

Strengthening our Regional Profile

Driving Economic Prosperity and Job Creation

Fostering Natural Resource Management and Sustainability

Advancing Education and Training

Supporting our Community and Social Wellbeing

The Roadmap is a 'living' document and will continue to evolve as we introduce our organisation to more members of the community. RDA Wide Bay Burnett partners directly with all three levels of government (Commonwealth, State and Local) and brings them together on local challenges and priorities. We aim to enhance partnerships between governments, industry and the community to address the issues and opportunities that matter most when it comes to advancing this region's development.

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