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Residents at risk: stories of 'last resort' caravan park residency in NSW

1 Jan 2008

The 'Residents at Risk' study examined the effects of disadvantaged people living in caravan parks in urban and rural areas of New South Wales. This report draws on interviews with residents to build an account of the challenges faced by marginalised caravan park residents. Many are forced to live in caravan parks because of declining housing affordability. The issues faced by these socio-economically disadvantaged people include low rates of vacancies, increasing rent costs, and the transformation of a temporary or transitional housing option into a long-term cycle of deprivation and marginalisation. Caravan park residents often experience high levels of violence and abusive behaviour, substance abuse and addiction, problem gambling, mental illness and poor physical health in an unsupported environment. A common factor among many residents is a desperate feeling of loneliness. The report includes a special case study and targeted statistical and qualitative analysis.

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Sydney, NSW
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