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Sea change: re-inventing rural and regional Australia

1 Jan 2002

The ABC's popular SeaChange series has re-popularised the idyll of getting
away from big city pressures to high amenity rural and small town settings on the
Australian coastline and in select inland localities usually within striking distance of
the big cities. This paper addresses: the changing relationships between city and
hinterland that enable, or drive, such choices; the reasons why people choose to
move; the different types of places in which they settle; and the implications for
these places, the settlers and existing residents. Movements from city to country
have been going on for a long time, 30 years in their contemporary manifestations in
Australia and in other western industrialised nations. Whilst the factors involved are
constant, there are significant recent shifts to the balance of forces that make the
most recent period, and the scenario for the future, distinctive and worthy of
continued attention by researchers and policy makers. Drawing on a long-term
research engagement with the subject, the paper is based on a recent public lecture
given by the author at the State Library of New South Wales.

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