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Socio-economic research and development for irrigation communities: the socio-economic research needs of irrigation communities in making structural changes in the next 30 years

1 Jan 2002

A review of the socioeconomic research needs of irrigation communities to help achieve structural changes in the next 30 years identified four broad categories of research needs: social arrangements, economic activity, learning and supporting structures. Within those categories, 16 inter-related research topic areas were identified which reflect the need for more holistic approaches to the problems and issues in irrigation areas. Three research priority areas are also identified: community structures (social capital, capacity building and so forth), human relations in irrigation communities and industries, and legal and quasilegal structures and processes. The recommended research approaches recognise that irrigation communities are not easily defined and that there is an urgent need to uncover the complex factors that facilitate motivation and learning in diverse communities.

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Canberra, ACT
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