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6 Jul 2015

The 1992 Broadcasting Services Act simplified an unwieldy existing legislative framework and reformed the broadcasting regulator, renamed the Australian Broadcasting Authority. In accordance with the Labor government's desire for a co-ordinated expansion and diversification of services it directed the new authority to initiate an integrated...

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30 May 2014

Australian municipal governments have lagged behind many of their international counterparts in local public broadband provision. However, by 2014 there are signs that the gap is closing, with significant new investment in public wi-fi by city governments across Australia. This article contextualises the current interest...



27 May 2014

Are local schools the beating heart of our communities? Or are they underutilised public assets, closed out of school hours and off limits to local residents?

A new discussion paper on the extended use of schools released by New South Wales Labor...


15 Dec 2013


Youthworx is a successful model of a practical, community-based, cross-sector response to the problem of youth marginalisation and social exclusion. It combines professional expertise, networks and material resources across social service delivery agencies (Salvation Army and Youth Development Australia (YDA)), youth-run community...


26 Feb 2008

Social-media sites like Wikipedia and Digg are celebrated as shining examples of Web democracy, places built by millions of Web users who all act as writers, editors, and voters. In reality, a small number of people are running the show. According to researchers in Palo...


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