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Green retrofitting – A review of current status, implementations and challenges

1 Jan 2017

Abstract: One of the largest threats to future development is climate change. Apparently, the building sector has been the largest source of greenhouse gas production. One prospective solution to this is “green building” that aims to provide environmentally sustainable building in terms of design, construction and maintenance. However, green buildings symbolize the next stage of buildings, and the recent growth of new green building constructions is inadequate to overcome the negative impact of existing buildings. One logical solution to reduce the environmental impact of the existing buildings is through green retrofitting. Yet there is lack of systematic review on the existing body of knowledge on green retrofitting which is critical for future research. This paper aims to critically review the existing literature on green retrofitting and to identify contemporary research trends. Additionally, with the view to the current challenges, barriers, obstacles or problems to green retrofitting, this study highlights the needs to identify the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for successful implementation of green retrofit projects.

Synthesis method: Qualitative review (literature review)

Conclusions: A critical review of previous researches on green retrofits revealed lack of studies on the CSFs of green retrofit projects implementation. Generally, most of the researches on green retrofitting focused on green retrofit methods and framework. In fact, the technical, economic and environmental implications of green retrofitting have been studied by very few researchers [6,118-124]. Additionally, based on current literature, studies regarding what inspired public and private building owners to practice green building design initiatives have been also conducted [52]. For instance, Yudelson identified multiple reasons why building owners and operators are concerned about energy efficient and green retrofitted buildings [108]. Where else, Fuerst and McAllister stated the rational to practice green building design. Nonetheless, no attention has been dedicated in identifying success factors of successful implementation of green retrofit projects in non-residential existing buildings [125].

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