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As most populations spend the majority of their time indoors, buildings are increasingly important modifiers of a population's exposure to environmental health risks. Jonathon's research interests include combining spatial data, building simulation tools, and biological systems to understand the health of urban populations. He is currently involved in the NIHR Health Protection Research Unit (HPRU) on Environmental Change and Health, developing models to predict current and future overheating and indoor air pollution risks for the English housing stock under a range of dwelling retrofit, adaptation, and climate scenarios. He is also involved in the Wellcome Trust-funded Sustainable Healthy Urban Environments (SHUE) project, developing a database of globally-distributed world cities with the objective of analysing the inter-relationships between city characteristics, energy and resource use, and health-related behaviours and exposures. His research interests include using building physics tools to examine the role of buildings on occupant health, including exposure to heat and cold, indoor air pollution, damp, and disease transmission.

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8 Mar 2018


Internationally, buildings are a major contributor to carbon emissions. Despite significant advances in the technology and construction of energy-efficient buildings, in many cases a performance gap between designed and actual performance exists. While much research has investigated the drivers of the building...

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