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Peter is a Doctoral Researcher at the UCL Energy Institute and a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Political Science. His PhD focuses on energy demand-side management policy. Peter holds an MRes in Energy Demand studies at UCL, an MSc by Research in Geography at Durham University, and a BSc in Geography from Durham University. Prior to his PhD Peter worked as the Sustainability Manager in the hospitality sector and has worked closely with Camden Council as Chair of the Board of the Camden Climate Change Alliance. Peter's research interests include energy and environmental policy, and he currently teaches on the MSc Economics and Policy of Energy and Environment in the 'Political Economy of Energy Policy' module.

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Systematic review

20 Mar 2018

Demand-side management (DSM) policy refers to government policies for managing energy consumption in order to meet environmental and energy security objectives. The broader term of demand-side management encompasses energy efficiency, demand response and on-site generation and storage. A comprehensive meta-evaluation of the global evidence base...

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