Environmental action 2016 – 2021. Strategy and action plan

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Sustainable Sydney 2030 outlined the aspiration of our community and businesses for our local government area to be an environmental leader on a global scale. To guide the implementation of Sustainable Sydney 2030, the City developed a series of environmental master plans and strategies between 2008 and 2015. This strategy and action plan combines the insights and data from these documents. We outline our progress to date, and approach to achieving our bold Sustainable Sydney 2030 targets. We address the areas of impact in six chapters:

– Low-carbon city

– Water sensitive city

– Climate resilient city

– Zero waste city

– Active and connected city

– Green and cool city

The strategy details how we will deliver against targets set for our own operations. It also explains how we will influence and collaborate with others to contribute towards the achievement of targets for the local government area. This strategy is supported by a comprehensive action plan that will help us deliver on our goals. The action plan communicates how we aim to improve our operational and local area environmental performance from 2016 to 2021. During this five year period, the action plan (included in Appendix 1) will be reviewed and adjusted annually as technology progresses, regulatory reforms occur, we continue to learn and stakeholder feedback is continuously incorporated.

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