International Carbon Action Partnership


The International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) is an international forum for governments and public authorities that have implemented or are planning to implement emissions trading systems (ETS). 

ICAP facilitates cooperation between countries, sub-national jurisdictions and supranational institutions that have established or are actively pursuing carbon markets through mandatory cap and trade systems. 

Founded in 2007 in Lisbon, Portugal, by leaders of more than 15 governments, ICAP provides the opportunity for member jurisdictions to share best practices and discuss ETS design elements with a view to creating a well-functioning global carbon market through linking ETS. 

The work of ICAP focuses on the three pillars of technical dialogue, ETS knowledge sharing and capacity building activities.

ICAP’s objectives are:

Share best practices and learning from each other’s experience of ETS

Help policymakers recognize ETS design compatibility issues and opportunities for the establishment of an ETS at an early stage

Facilitate future linking of trading programs

Highlight the key role of emissions trading as an effective climate policy response

Build and strengthen partnerships amongst governments

The partnership currently counts 31 full members and 4 observers.

Recently added resources


12 Sep 2018

In September 2018, the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) launched this guide, which consolidates the experiences from ICAP Members that have considered or operate a linked market alongside insights from the literature. It provides policymakers with step-by-step guidance throughout the whole process of linking.


A conceptual framework for understanding interactions between carbon prices and electricity prices
2 Apr 2018

An emissions trading system (ETS) is a market-based mechanism that is applied to achieve emissions targets at least cost. By fixing a quantity of emissions (the cap), requiring that companies surrender one allowance for each unit of emissions generated and making the allowance tradable, a...


28 Feb 2018

Emissions trading around the world has once again taken a major step forward: The new International Carbon Action Partnership Status Report 2018 presents latest Emission Trading System/Scheme developments.

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