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25 Jun 2009

This survey suggests proportion of Britons reading online news has doubled in two years but also reveals why some people are saying 'No thanks' to Digital Britain.

A new survey into how British people are using the Internet in 2009 suggests that...


28 Jan 2009

After years of collective indecision, Britain shifted to become a full participant in an increasingly networked world. This paper compares Britain with other European nations and the wider world in its adoption and use of the internet. After years of collective indecision, Britain shifted to...


30 Nov 2007

William Dutton examines the emergence of a 'fifth estate' and its social, political and other implications, including its impact on the quality and integrative capability of our information environment.The media are often seen as central to democratic processes: a 'fourth estate' independent of government and...

Discussion paper

5 Apr 2007

This working paper considers the implications of emerging trends in online communication, such as social networking tools and blogs, for governmental engagement with the public.

Discussion paper

2 Mar 2007

Is the Internet Governance Forum an ineffectual talking shop unable to influence significantly the hard issues and choices at stake?or an important landmark on the road to more representative multi-stakeholder regulation of the Internet? This paper explores underlying values and policy-making dynamics in international Internet...

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