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26 Jul 2010

Arts advocacy is a key challenge, one shared by government agencies and arts communities around the world.

Based on desk research and responses to a survey distributed in August 2009 to the IFACCA network, this report provides a platform for the exchange...


10 Aug 2009

The degree of independence that governments afford arts support is a universal concern. Debate has often centred on the choice between arts council or ministry, but such a dichotomy enormously oversimplifies the issues, particularly as so many countries have a mixture of the two institutional...


25 Jun 2009

Arts councils and ministries of culture have a key role in working to minimise the negative impacts of the downturn on the arts and in helping artists and arts organisations navigate such uncertain times.

They also have a key role in advising...


20 Jun 2007

The report summarises responses to a D'Art query about a number of research-related issues, such as whether research is undertaken by agencies in house or contracted externally, whether an agency has a dedicated research unit or a library, and the number of staff and financial...

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