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8 Mar 2016

This paper reviews the evidence for the effectiveness of counselling and psychotherapy, and highlights the factors that contribute to its success.


Following a brief historical summary of three mainstream approaches, this paper addresses the similarities and differences between the terms counselling...


12 Oct 2015

This report sets out the overall findings of the evaluation of the 2012 family violence amendments. The evaluation examined the effects of amendments to the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) that were intended to improve the family law system’s responses to matters involving family violence...


1 Feb 2015

This report sheds light on the impact on court filings of the 2006 reforms that encouraged greater use of non-court based mechanisms for resolving parenting disputes and the 2009 reforms that brought post-separation property division laws and processes for de facto couples into line with...


4 Sep 2014

Discusses parenting and parental absence after separation.


The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child affirms the child’s right, in normal circumstances, to enjoy an ongoing relationship with both parents. Similarly, Australia’s Family Law Act, amended in 2006, speaks...

Literature review

29 Aug 2012

Life events or transitions are understood to be circumstances that have an unsettling element for individuals (and from a systemic perspective, for family members also). Life events or transitions, even when pursued and ultimately beneficial, usually require adjustment on one or more fronts and relinquishment...

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