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Briefing paper

16 May 2019

This paper suggests that the Coalition government’s reliance on dated carbon credits to extinguish over half of its Paris Agreement target might not be authorised, forcing it to purchase last-minute international permits or drastically reduce emissions to cover huge gap.

Discussion paper

13 May 2019

This paper analyses 22 recent modelling reports of the economic impacts of higher ambition targets. Extensive literature shows Australia can achieve higher ambition targets with very small economic impacts. Claims that higher ambition would be ‘economy wrecking’ or ‘apocalyptic’ are not credible.

Briefing paper

24 Apr 2019

Unless national action is taken to meet the Paris Target to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees, Australia’s GDP faces a hit of an average of $130 billion per year according to this briefing note by The Australia Institute.


5 Apr 2019

The development of hydrogen energy has been promoted as a lower-emissions alternative to Australian coal and gas exports. However, there is a significant risk that the promise of hydrogen as a low-carbon alternative, for domestic use and export, could backfire. The development of Australia’s hydrogen...


26 Sep 2018

Australia is off-track and looks set to miss its Paris emission reduction target. National emissions are rising and the government seems unwilling or unable to agree on credible policies to reduce them.

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