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19 May 2019

Now that the Coalition has won the federal election, how will it meet its campaign promises on taxes, the environment, education, health and infrastructure?


2 Aug 2017

How often need we re-discover the power of education and training in addressing youth unemployment and disengagement?


7 Apr 2016

There are many reasons to be concerned about the growing and, now, long-term problem of jobs in Western Sydney. First there is the simple problem of insufficient jobs for its resident workers. Then there is the problem of jobs location. Overlaying both these concerns is...

Discussion paper

1 Feb 2015

The Centre for Western Sydney's first platform paper, titled Work, Places and People in Western Sydney , has been prepared by Emeritus Professor Robert Fagan, and the Centre for Western Sydney's Director, Professor Phil O'Neil.

This report analyses labour market change in Western Sydney...


24 Feb 2011

As indicated in the 2005 Metropolitan Strategy and subsequent 2007 Draft Sub-regional Strategies, comprehensive data on Sydney’s agricultural lands are key to effective planning on Sydney’s urban fringe. With the five year review of the Metropolitan Strategy in 2010, the need for relevant data is...

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