Australian standards of care and treatment guidelines for trans and gender diverse children and adolescents

Version 1.1
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The Australian Standards of Care and Treatment Guidelines (ASOCTG) aim to maximise quality care provision to trans and gender diverse children and adolescents across Australia, whilst recognising the unique circumstances of providing such care to this population.

Recommendations are made based on available empirical evidence and clinician consensus, and have been developed in consultation with professionals working with the trans and gender diverse population across Australia and New Zealand from multiple disciplines, trans and gender diverse support organisations, as well as trans children and adolescents and their families. They have been endorsed by the Australian and New Zealand Professional Association for Transgender Health (ANZPATH), the peak organisation in the region actively promoting communication and collaboration amongst professionals of all disciplines involved in the healthcare, rights and wellbeing of people who identify as trans or gender diverse.

There are potential challenges in accessing trans and gender diverse healthcare for the Australian population. This is especially the case for children and adolescents who are vulnerable due to cultural and linguistic diversity (including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations), out of home care, intellectual disability, or detention within the youth justice system. Australia’s vast geographical distances create further barriers to treatment access for those living in rural and regional locations.

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