Expressive lives

9 Jul 2009


From the exhibitions we visit, to the videos we watch and make, to the clothes we wear; the choices we take about what culture to consume and what we create help us connect with others who share our opinions, ideas and beliefs.  This collection of essays examines the idea of 'expressive life', as introduced by Bill Ivey.

It helps us to see creativity and heritage as the fabric of our society that gives meaning and value to our lives. Contributors from across the creative and cultural sectors look at the effects of changes in our behaviour towards cultural institutions, developments in technology and the global exchange of different attitudes and beliefs. These combine with political uncertainty and economic upheaval to put culture and creativity at the heart of debate about the future of our communities and international relations. Cultural policy should enable citizens to take an active role in shaping their world. To do this, policy-makers across all areas of government must work with professionals and institutions within the creative sectors to enable expressive lives.


  • Peter Bradwell
  • Tony Hall
  • John Holden
  • Bill Ivey
  • David Lammy
  • Andrew Missingham
  • Roshi Naidoo
  • Sandy Nairne
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