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4 Mar 2011

This briefing paper summarises some of the literature and research on social inclusion and considers the relevance of the concept and its application to family support services. Social inclusion frameworks, principles and resources are used to consider how family support services can incorporate the concept...


18 Oct 2010

Statistics about Indigenous Australians and their families are often presented as stand-alone demographic descriptions and interpreted in the context of non-Indigenous family life. This article presents key demographic data on Indigenous and non-Indigenous mothers, derived from the 2006 Australian Census. The data describe the family...


16 Sep 2010

The release of the Bringing Them Home report in 1997 (National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families, 1997) added impetus to calls for programs and services to address the healing needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait...


3 May 2010

Separating couples who require assistance with disputes over property or arrangements for their children now have a range of different dispute resolution services to choose from according to this artlcie.

To contrast the work of family dispute resolution services with collaborative law and family...

Literature review

4 Dec 2009

The 2009 bushfires in Victoria involved loss of life and destruction of property on an unprecedented scale. Extensive flooding also occurred in areas of Queensland and New South Wales in the first half of the same year. While by no means unusual occurrences in Australia...

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